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Title The Regulations Governing Disbursement of Compensations to Prisoners and DefendantsCH
Date 2022.07.06
Legislative 3. Amended on July 6, 2021

Article 3

The compensation is categorized into medical compensation, disability compensation and death compensation. Medical compensation shall refer to the amount that the inmate pays for the medical treatment, excluding treatment items at one’s own expenses.

In case an inmate dies due to work or occupational training, a death compensation of NT$1,200,000 shall be paid; in case an inmate becomes disabled, a disability compensation shall be paid in accordance with the labor insurance disability benefit payment standards; in case an inmate becomes seriously injured, a medical compensation not more than NT$300,000 shall be paid; and in case an inmate is injured or becomes ill, a medical compensation not more than NT$200,000 shall be paid.

When two or more situations in the preceding paragraph occur, the compensations may be combined.

Article 8 (Deleted)

Article 9

These Regulations shall take effect as of July 15, 2020.

The amended articles of these Regulations shall take effect on the date of promulgation.