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Title Criminal Code of the Republic of ChinaCH
Date 2023.05.31
Legislative Amendment to Articles 303,319-4 ; addition of Articles 302-1 promulgated on May 31, 2023
Article 302-1
A person who commits the offense prescribed in paragraph 1 of the preceding Article under any of the following circumstances shall be sentenced to an imprisonment for not less one year but not more than seven years, and may also be fined not more than one million dollars:
1.Offense committed by three or more persons.
2.Offense committed by carrying weapons.
3.Offense against a mentally, physically or otherwise handicapped person.
4.Abuse against the victim.
5.Depriving the victim of freedom of movement for seven days or more.
A person who causes death shall be sentenced to life imprisonment or an imprisonment of not less than ten years; anyone who causes severe injuries shall be sentenced to an imprisonment for not less five years but not more than twelve years.
An attempt to commit an offense specified in subparagraphs 1 to 4 of paragraph 1 is punishable.
Article 303
A person who commits an offense specified in paragraph 1 or 2 of the preceding two Articles against his lineal blood ascendant shall be subject to the punishment prescribed for such an offense by increasing it up to one half.
Article 339-4
A person who commits the offense of fraud under Article 339 and who has any of the following events shall be sentenced to imprisonment for no less than one year and no more than seven years; in addition thereto, a fine of no more than one million yuan may be imposed:
1.Offense in the name of a government agency or public official without authorization.
2.Offense by three or more persons.
3.Offense by dissemination of false information to the general public through broadcasting TV, electronic communication, Internet or other media.
4.The offense by using computer synthesis or other technological methods to produce synthetic images, sounds, or electromagnetic records about others is punishable.
An attempt to commit an offense specified in the preceding paragraph is punishable.