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Title Guidelines for Foreigners Doing Internship at ROC Law FirmsCH
Announced Date 2006.09.21
Amended Date2020.03.30
Legislative 1.Promulgated on September 21, 2006 by the Order of Ministry of Justice of No. 0950804073.
2.Amended Article 4 on March 30, 2020 by the Order No.10904511870 of Ministry of Justice.
These guidelines are designed to promote international academic exchange, to allow foreigners to do internship at ROC law firms, and to serve as a basis for their visa applications at ROC embassies,consulates, representative offices, or other agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The term “foreigners”, as mentioned in these guidelines, refers to persons without ROC nationality.
The term “attorneys”, as mentioned in these guidelines, refers to ROC attorneys and foreign attorneys.
To allow a foreigner to do internship at a ROC law firm, the advising attorney should submit the following documentation to the Ministry of Justice:
(1) A copy of the advising attorney's Attorney License;
(2) A copy of the intern’s academic qualifications or a certificate of bar exam qualification;
(3) A copy of the intern’s identification documents;
(4) An internship project.
The following information must be stated in the internship project, as mentioned in subparagraph 4 of the preceding paragraph:
(1) The advising attorney's name and the address of the law firm;
(2) The intern's name, gender, birth date, nationality, identification documents number, address in Taiwan, or address in home country, or permanent address outside of home country;
(3) A description of internship work and the workplace;
(4) The start and ending dates of the internship;
(5) The amount of the grant or living allowance paid during the internship.
If the documentation for Paragraph 1 Subparagraph 2 is in a foreign language, a Chinese translation should be included in the submission.
The internship duration for a foreigner at a ROC law firm shall not exceed 6 months; if it is necessary to extend the internship when it is expired, the advising attorney may file an extensionreport with the Ministry of Justice. The extension shall not exceed 6 months, and it is limited to one time only.
If the foreign intern requires a change of advising attorney during the internship period as mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the new advising attorney should file a report with the Ministry of Justice for future reference.
While doing internship at a ROC law firm, the foreigner shall not engage in practicing law under the guise of doing their internship, or other unauthorized work in Taiwan.