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Title The specific purpose and the classification of personal information of the Personal Information Protection Act
Announced Date 1996.08.07
Amended Date2012.10.01
Legislative 1.promulgated on August 7,1996
2.Amended on Oct 1,2012
Article 1
001 Life and Health Insurance
002 Human Resource Management (including recruitment, separation,
employee profile, current position, education, working experience,
examination distribution, long term learning, training and development,
performance management, Verify the qualification, compensation,
attendance record, benefit, Deprived of civil rights, special check
(background), other personnel management. )
003 Entry and departure & immigration
004 Land administration
005 Engineering Technical Services Management
006 Industrial Administration
007 Real Estate Services
008 Small and medium enterprises and other industries assistance
009 Central bank supervising
010 Public and Private charity organization Management
011 public productive enterprise business
012 Public Health and Communicable Disease Control
013 Public Relation
014 Civil Servants Property-Declaration, Recusal due to Interest Conflicts and
Campaign Contributions
015 Household Registration
016 Culture Administration
017 Culture Heritage Management
018 Water Resources and Irrigation administration
019 Fire prevention & control and fire administration
020 Agency and brokerage business
021 Foreign and consular affairs
022 Foreign Exchange Business
023 Civil affairs
024 Poll
025 Crime Prevention, Criminal Investigation, Enforcement, Correction,
Juvenile Protective measures, Crime Victim Protection or criminal
after-care matters.
026 Ecological reservation
027 Legislation or legislative consulting
028 Transportation and public construction administration
029 Public and private transportation, public transportation and public
030 Arbitration
031 National health insurance, labor insurance, farmers insurance, national
pension insurance or other social insurance
032 Criminal data management
033 Multi-level marketing management
034 Supervision on multi-level marketing
035 Deposit insurance
036 Deposit and remitting
037 Registration of securities and securities holders
038 Administrative enforcement
039 Administrative sanction, administrative investigation
040 Marketing (including financial cross-selling business)
041 Residential administration
042 Administration of conscription and alternative service for conscription
043 Volunteer management
044 Investment management
045 Administration of disaster prevention and protection
046 Water supply and drainage services
047 Cross-Strait cum Hong Kong and Macao Affairs
048 Notes and Coins administrative
049 Religious, nonprofit organizations business
050 Management of radioactive materials
051 Forestry, agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection and
Quarantine, rural regeneration and mudslide disaster management
052 Legal persons or organizations’ internal name-list management on
shareholder, members (including the shareholders, the designated
representative of the Member) , directors, supervisors, board members,
supervisory board members, or other registered members
053 Administration of legal affairs
054 Legal service
055 Court enforcement business
056 Court trial business
057 Social administrative
058 Social service or social work
059 Financial service industry’s collection and processing information in
accordance with laws and needs for financial supervision
060 Financial dispute resolution
061 Financial supervision,administration and inspection
062 Youth developing administration
063 Non-government agency collect or process personal information under
legal obligations
064 Health and medical services
065 Insurance managing, agency and notary business
066 Insurance supervision
067 Credit card, cash card, debit card or electronic value-stored card
068 Trust business
069 Contract, contract-like or other legal relation matters
070 Administration of Hakka affairs
071 Construction management, urban renewal and public housing Affairs
072 Policy propaganda
073 Freedom of government information, archives administration and
074 Government welfare and social welfare payment administration
075 Technology Administration
076 Science-Based Industrial Park, agricultural science and technology park,
cultural and business park, biotechnology park or other park
management administrative
077 Booking, lodging registration and ticket master business
078 Plan, control, evaluation and other research and evaluation
079 Jet accident investigation
080 Food and Drug Affairs
081 Legal transaction business for personal data
082 Operation of integrated management among the borrowing households
with depositors saved business
083 Native citizen administrative
084 Blood donation services
085 Traveler and foreigner emergency service/assistance
086 Nuclear accident emergency response
087 Nuclear safety management
088 Lending and trust business
089 Marine administrative
090 Consumer, Customer Management and Service
091 Consumer Protection
092 Husbandry administrative
093 Property Insurance
094 Property management
095 Fiscal & tax administrative
096 Veterans Affairs management and their dependents care
097 Pension fund or pension management
098 Business and Technical Information
099 Domestic and overseas interchange business
100 National security administration, security check and anti-information
101 National Economy Development Business
102 State Compensation Administrative
103 Professional and technical persons’management, discipline, and relief
104 Account management and debt trading business
105 Lottery Business
106 Credit business
107 Procurement and Supply Management
108 Ambulance Services
109 Education or Training Administrative
110 University and industry liaison system, industry-academic cooperation
111 Bills business
112 Negotiation Instrument Exchange Business
113 Petition and petition reported matters handling
114 Labor Administration
115 Museums, art galleries, memorials, or other public and private creation
116 Site safety management
117 Job placement, planning and management
118 Intellectual property rights, the disc management and other related
119 license and registration
120 Tax administration
121 Overseas Chinese data administration
122 Administrative petition & appeals and administrative remedies
123 Trade promotion and management
124 Township mediation
125 Broadcasting administration and management
126 Claims the whole discounting and trading business
127 Fundraising (including charity fundraising)
128 Anti-corruption administration
129 Accounting and related Services
130 Meeting Management
131 Manage mail service,deposit and withdraw and insurance business
132 Operating broadcasting business
133 Operating telecommunication and value-added telecom network
134 Examination, civil service, civil service protection & training
135 Information (Communication) Services
136 Information (Communication) and database Management
137 Information and Communication Security and Management
138 Agricultural product transaction
139 Agricultural product promotion information
140 Agricultural food administration
141 Lobbying business administration
142 Sports and Athletic Competition Activities
143 Sports and Recreation Business
144 Supervision on Telecommunications and Broadcasting
145 Employment & service administration
146 Library and Publication Administration
147 Fisheries administration
148 Internet shopping and other electronic commerce services
149 Mongolian and Tibetan affairs administration
150 Assisted with logistical support management
151 Auditing, supervisory investigation and other monitoring business
152 Advertisement or commercial behavior administration
153 Movie, television, music and media administration
154 Reference
155 Standards, testing and measuring administration
156 Health administration
157 Investigation, statistics and research analysis
158 Student data administration
159 Academic Research
160 Certificate Business Administration
161 Radiation Prevention
162 Voter service administration
163 Election, recall and referendum administration
164 Construction industry’s administrative management
165 Environment Protection
166 Securities, futures, securities investment trusts and consultants related
167 Police Administration
168 Passport, visa, and documents verify management
169 Athletic Administration
170 Tourism administration, tourism and hotel industry, hotel industry,
travel agencies, tourist amusement industry and guest-house
management business
171 Other central government authorities and its subordinate authority
internal management, supervision of public affairs, administrative
assistance and related services.
172 Other public sectors implement relevant business (including the
non-departmental public body, government-sponsored foundation and
other public legal person)
173 Other government agency for the purpose of supervision and
management of the industry-competency
174 Other Judicial Administration
175 Other local government authorities and its subordinate authority
internal management, supervision of public affairs, administrative
assistance and related services.
176 Other natural persons based on the legitimacy of the purpose of the
processing and use of personal information collected
177 Other financial administrative business
178 Other fiscal incomes
179 Other fiscal services
180 Other business operation of public utilities (eg: running water, gas,
181 Other business operation in accordance with the business registration
project or organization Prospectus
182 Other Consulting and Consultant Services
Code Types of identification
Code 001 Type for identifying individuals
For example: Name, title, address, office address, previous address, home telephone number, cell phone number, messenger account, internet web signing up account, postal and resident address, photograph, fingerprint, the E-mail address, digital signature, serial number of certificate card, certificate serial number, record providing internet identity authentication or applying inquiry service record as well as any other data which can identify the individual.
Code 002 Type for identifying finance
For example: The number and name for financial institutions’ account, the number of credit card or VISA card, the number of insurance policy and any other number or account of individual, etc.
Code 003 Type for identifying in government data
For example: The number of personal ID card, certificate identity number, tax registration numbers, the number of Insurance certificate, the disabled manual number, the number of retirement certificate and the number of passport, etc.
Code Types of characteristic
Code 011 Individual description
For example: Age, gender, date of birth, native place, nationality and voice, etc.
Code 012 Physical description
For example: Height, weight and blood type, etc.
Code 013 Habit
For example: Smoke and alcohol, etc.
Code 014 Characteristic
For example: The comment or opinion on characteristic, etc.
Code  Family
Code 021 Family
For example: Single or married, spouse's or co-habitant's name, ex-spouse's name or ex-cohabitant's name, the wedding date and the number of children, etc.
Code 022 History of marriage
For example: The details of previous marriage, co-habitation, divorce or separation and the names of the relevant party, etc.
Code 023 Details about other family member
For example: Offspring, dependent person, other family member or relatives, parents, cohabitants and relatives living abroad or in mainland China, etc.
Code 024 Other social relations.
For example: Friend, colleague and other non-family relationship, etc.
Code   Social conditions
Code 031 Residence and facilities.
For example: The address of residence, the type of facility, householder or tenant, the years for living, rent, taxes and other spending, type, value and owner name of the house.
Code 032 Properties.
For example: All the movable property and real estate or other property which data subject has right on.
Code 033 Immigration
For example: Passport, work-permission document, residency proof document, the limitation of habitation or travel, the prerequisite of entry and other related detail, etc.
Code 034 Travel and other migration
For example: Previous emigration, traveling details, foreign passport, residency proof document, work-permission document, working certificate and other related detail, etc.
Code 035 Recreational activities and interests.
For example: The hobbies, sports and other entertainments ,etc
Code 036 Lifestyles.
For example: The types and details of consumer goods and services, personal or family consumption patterns, etc.
Code 037 Membership of charities or other associations.
For example: The clubs or other voluntary associations, or any unit which keeps participant's record.
Code 038 Occupation
For example: School principal, elected representatives or other occupations, etc.
Code 039 Licences or other permissions.
For example: Driver's license, vehicle license, license for self-defense guns and fishery license, etc.
Code 040 Accidents or other mishaps and relevant situation
For example: The subject of accident, the condition of damage or injury, the parties involved and the witness, etc.
Code 041 Courts, the Public Prosecutor's Office or other trial-related departments and procedures.
For example: The litigation related to the data subject and other civil or criminal related data.
Code  Education, examination, technique or other profession:
Code 051 Schools record.
For example: Universities, colleges or other schools, etc.
Code 052 Qualification or technique.
For example: Qualification for diploma, professional technique, special license (such as pilot's license), governmental vocational training process, national examination, grades and other training record, etc.
Code 053 Membership of occupation Associations
For example: Category of membership, record of membership and activities.
Code 054 Occupation expertise
For example: Expert, scholar and adviser, etc.
Code 055 Membership of committees.
For example: The function and other details related to committees, the details about how the member of working group and committee are selected depending on their expertise.
Code 056 Works.
For example: Book, article, report, audio-visual publishing and other works, etc
Code 057 Record of students, apprentices, Examinees
For example: Learning process, related qualifications and certificate, the score and evaluation in the examination, rate or comment or other learning record, etc.
Code 058 Working record of Committee members
For example: Committee members participate in question preparing, grading or reviewing, oral tests and other exam-related working record.
Code Employment
Code 061 Current status of employment
For example: Employer, title in the work place, the description about work, ranking, the date of employment, working hour, the working place, character of industry, the condition and period being offered, the previous liabilities and experiences related to the existing employer, etc.
Code 062 Employment experiences
For example: The date of employment, the way of being employed, employed through intermediary/referral and the period of employment, etc.
Code 063 Leave office
For example: The date of leaving office and it's reason, notice and condition for leaving office, etc.
Code 064 Working experiences.
For example: Previous employer and work, the period of redundancy and in military service, etc.
Code 065 Working or missions record
For example: Clock in and out, personal leave, sick leave, furlough, maternity leave or any related record, the working record, the reason of unemployment, performance appraisal records, records of reward and punishment, information of deprivation of civil right, etc.
Code 066 Record of health and safety
For example: Occupational disease, record of safety and accident, the qualification and certificate for CPR and travel emergencies aiding information, etc.
Code 067 Membership of the labor union and prerequisite for the employees
For example: Details about the prerequisite of membership and duty in the union.
Code 068 Salaries and withholding amount
For example: Salary, wages, commission, bonus, expenses, allowance, welfare, borrowed cash, tax-paying, the deduction of pension, admission fee for the labor union, the minimum wage, the way which the wage are paid in, and date of being given a raise, etc.
Code 069 Property held by employee
For example: Automobile, tool, book or other equipment assigned to employees.
Code 070 Details of working managements
For example: Obligation and responsibility, work plan, cost, personnel budget, work assignment and shift, or the length of time related to ordinary or special workload, etc.
Code 071 Detailed evaluation of work
For example: Evaluation of working performance and potentiality.
Code 072 Educational and training record.
For example:Compulsory education and training concerning work, education and training already participated, qualifications or technique which already have ,etc.
Code 073 Details concerning security
For example: Password, security number and the levels of authorization, etc.
Code  Details concerning finance
Code 081 Earning, income, property and investment.
For example: Total wages, total incomes, earned wage, earned income, capital and asset, savings, the start date and due date, the earning of investment, the income of investment and the expenses of property, etc.
Code 082 Liabilities and expenditure.
For example: Total expenditure, rental, loan-expenditure, the expenditure of promissory note and other credit tools ,etc.
Code 083 Credit Ratings
For example: The level of credit, financial condition and level, income condition and level, etc.
Code 084 Loans
For example: The type of loan, the contractual amount of the loan, the remaining amount of the loan, date of the first loan, due date of the loan, interest payable, record of payment and details of mortgage, etc.
Code 085 The record of Foreign exchange trade
Code 086 Credit of note
For example: Cheque deposit in bank account, personal data, record of cheque unpaid, record of being turned down by cheque-exchange center, etc.
Code 087 Subsidies, welfares, donations
Code 088 Details concerning insurance
For example: Type of insurance, scope of insurance, amount of insurance, period of insurance, due date, premium, insurance benefits, etc.
Code 089 Social insurance benefits, veterans care benefits or any other retirement benefits
For example: Day of taking effect, the amount of pay and the grants received, and the beneficiaries, etc.
Code 091 Goods or services obtained by data subject
For example: Details concerning the obtained goods or services, loans applied by data subject and his or her employment, etc.
Code 092 Goods or services provided by data subject
For example: Details concerning the goods or services provided.
Code 093 Financial deals
For example: The amount paid, the amount of credit limit, guarantor, the way to pay, record of dealing, financial guarantee or other warranty, etc.
Code 094 Compensation
For example: Details concerning the compensation being requested and the sum of the request.
Code Business information
Code 101 Data subject's business activities
For example: Type of business activity, goods or services provided or utilized, and commercial contracts, etc.
Code 102 Agreement or contract.
For example: With regard to dealing, business, law or other contract and agency, etc.
Code 103 License relating to business
For example: The situation of having or having-not licenses, license obtained by market traders and the truck-drivers' license, etc.
Code Health and other:
Code 111 Record of health
For example: Medical reports, record of treatment and diagnosis, result of examination, handicapped type, degree, validity period, identity number and contactor, etc.
Code 112 Sex life
Code 113 Races or origin of birth
For example: DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) information.
Code 114: Final and binding decision and administrative sanctions concerning traffic violation
For example: The content of decision and administrative sanction, and other details relating to vehicle incident, etc.
Code 115 Other decisions and administrative sanctions
For example: The contents of decisions and administrative sanctions, and other details concerned, etc.
Code 116 Data relating to suspect of criminal offence
For example: Details of committing crime, wanted detail, befriending criminal sentenced, nickname, and provable evidences, etc.
Code 117 Political opinions
For example: Views on the political issues, appeals in election, etc.
Code 118 Member of political group
For example: Member of political party or the post held, etc.
Code 119 Support for interest groups
For example: Member or supporter of interest groups or other organization
Code 120 Religion and faith.
Code 121 Other faiths.
Code Other kinds of data and information
Code 131 Research of paper documents.
For example: Index or code of paper documents which were not processed by automatic machine, etc.
Code 132 Data unclassified
For example: Mails, files, reports or e-mails unclassified ,etc.
Code 133 Data of radioactive fallout
For example: Data relating to the amount of radiation exposed to personnel or buildings, etc.
Code 134 National intelligence service
For example: National intelligence act, regulations of national intelligence agent security examination and related information, etc.