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Title Regulations Governing Out-of-Prison Rehabilitation for Drug AbusersCH
Announced Date 1999.02.24
Legislative 1.Promulgated on February 24, 1999
Article 1
The Regulations are established pursuant to Article 16 of the Act of Execution of Drug Abuser Treatment.
Article 2
Treatment for drug abusers outside treatment centers shall be processed in accordance with the Regulations. All other matters not addressed in the Regulations shall be governed by the other relevant laws where applicable.
Article 3
Drug abusers in the social adaptation period may be administered treatment outside treatment centers. However, this does not apply to those with one of the following conditions:
1. Individuals who have violated disciplinary regulations after entering the treatment center;
2. Individuals who had been sentenced to imprisonment, rehabilitative disposition, disciplinary education, and treatment measures;
3. Individuals with records of escapes;
4. Individuals whose treatment is rescinded or suspended;
5. Individuals who are subject to investigations in other cases or those with pending execution of imprisonment, detention, compulsory labor, disciplinary education, protective measures, or special education in transition school.
Article 4
The methods for treatment outside treatment centers are as follows:
1. Accept treatment from medical institutions designated by the Department of Health, Executive Yuan for administering drug addiction treatment.
2. Participate in activities with drug abuse treatment effects organized by social education institutions registered with the government.
The treatment outside treatment centers shall be administered under the supervision of security guards assigned by the center.
Article 5
The treatment for drug abusers outside treatment centers shall be performed between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
The treatment for drug abusers outside treatment centers shall not be performed on Saturdays, Sundays, or statutory holidays.
Article 6
Drug abusers shall comply with the following items when receiving treatment outside treatment centers:
1. They may not conduct activities that are unrelated to the treatment.
2. They shall obey instructions given by the disciplinary staff of the treatment center and the staff of external treatment institutions.
Article 7
In the event of a gross violation of regulations in the preceding article by the drug abuser, the treatment center may suspend his/her treatment outside the treatment center.
Article 8
Drug abusers who accept treatment outside the treatment center shall be accommodated separately from drug abusers who receive treatment in the treatment center.